At Central Consolidated School District (CCSD), the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. We understand that parent’s trust CCSD to not only teach your children, but to keep them safe during the school day. This is not a duty we take lightly and we have worked diligently to implement procedures that keep students and staff as safe as possible in any situation that could arise.
In order to keep our campuses safe, the district does contract security teams from a local company and schools within Kirtland often have School Resource Officers, who are members of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, on campus.
According to district protocol, incidents in schools are evaluated by district administration as well as each school’s Crisis Team and Incident Command Team. Once the incident has been resolved, the district does require notification to parents in certain situations. Following the district’s protocol, which is guided by FEMA and other State of New Mexico Public Education Department Standards, and keeping within the constraints of ongoing investigations, student’s privacy requirements and other factors, parents may or may not be notified of every incident. CCSD makes every effort to communicate information with parents about school safety and the safety of every student.
There are many ways parents can become active in the safety of our district. Remember, if your child recalls incidents that happened at school that are alarming, first seek clarity from your school’s administration. While the administration may not be able to provide you with the details of every incident, they may be able to provide you with facts that will keep rumors and other untruths from spreading. We understand the instinct parents have to warn other parents about things that are posted on social media or heard second-hand. While it is always a good idea to be diligent, spreading false information hinders many efforts of the district in many different departments. Time spent investigating social media hearsay could be spent focusing on giving our students the best education possible.
As parents, you can talk to your children about contributing to the safety of our district. Ask your son or daughter if they know who to talk to if they feel threatened and if they know what to do if there is an emergency in their school. If your student is unsure or if you have any questions, talk to your teachers or to the school principals.
Remind your children that the district takes every threat made to students very seriously. It is a crime to make a false threat and because these threats take valuable resources away from day-to-day operations, the district will seek prosecution and restitution in court. Arrests have been made and charges have been filed for threatening in this district. Talk to your children how one incident can alter their lives and futures if they carry court convictions on their permanent records. CCSD would like to thanks law enforcement also taking threats seriously.
CCSD has experienced major acts of vandalism this year, costing the district thousands of dollars to repair. The money used on repairs is taken directly from accounts and funds that should be used in the classroom for dynamic instruction and education. Many acts of vandalism happen in the evening and at night when teachers and administration are not present. The community can help by simply reporting any suspicious activity to school principals. Please, if you see something, say something! Ask your children to report to their school administration if they hear their peers bragging about threats or vandalism.
Every employee, student, parent and community member can be a part of making Central Consolidated School District a safer place to learn. CCSD thanks everyone for doing their part in the past and in the future.