Jade Underwood 11Jade Billie Underwood, a senior from Newcomb High School, was named the first ever recipient of the Diné Bá Hozho (DBHC) Coalition scholarship. The scholarship, which was announced in December, is for $500 and is provided by the Diné Bá Hozho Coalition, whose mission is “to unify the people living in and near Shiprock in celebrating health and beauty while providing hope and recovery very through education.” DBHC is a part of the San Juan County Partnership.
“Jade’s application was extremely strong. Her references and letters of recommendation were incredible and showed she had the leadership skills and academic achievements we desired,” Renae Begay, project coordinator for the DBHC Coalition said.
“We received letter from two teachers who have taught Jade for many years, Buena Maria Amodo-Canda and Linda Camerino, and we were very impressed with what they had to say as well as Jade’s resume,” added Begay.
Underwood is currently the student council president at Newcomb High School and a member of Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America. She is the oldest of eight children and said she is motivated to be a good student so she can be a good role model to her younger siblings.
Jade Underwood 3
“Education is important and I want my little brother and sisters to see that through me,” Underwood said. She plans to attend Fort Lewis College in the fall of 2018 and study to be a physician’s assistant.
“I think it is a career that will challenge me and present new challenges every day. I’m ready for that,” Underwood said.