Holiday Cards 5Newcomb Middle School students spread holiday cheer with cards
The holiday spirit is shining a little brighter this year thanks to students at Newcomb Middle School. Students in John Templin’s visual art class created hand drawn holiday cards that will be delivered to senior citizens in an assisted living home in Chinle, Arizona. About 70 students created well over 100 cards.
“I think it’s important for schools in our area to reach out and do good things in the community because a lot of times, the school is what brings people together,” Templin said.
Templin was touched by his students’ words and also impressed by their imagination when creating the cards.
“I asked them to write a short note to the elderly who would be receiving the cards and it turned out that the students wrote letters to them,” Templin said. “And then the student got creative and started making braids out of yarn and used the braids as a binding. Some also made yarn pom poms, glitter and snowflakes.”
Holiday Cards 7 
The students ranged from 6th to 8th grade and their images reflected many different themes including snowmen, traditional Navajo images, anime and, of course, Santa Claus. The students said they drew inspiration for the cards by thinking of their own grandparents. Every letter was addressed using the words grandpa or grandma followed by the elderly’s first name.
“Some of the things they wrote, they almost brought a tear to my eye,” Templin said. “Even some of the quieter children were able to express themselves beautifully in the messages in the cards.”
Katie Tsosie, an 8th grader at NMS, created three cards and said, “I just wanted them all to feel special.”
Albert Lapahie said, “It makes me sad that some of them may not see their families for Christmas. It’s nice that they will get a card since they won’t see their families.”