You are here: Harvey Preaches Hard Work
HarveyCentral Consolidated School District student Kieon Harvey was recently featured on the NMAA website for his commitment to hard work. The story featured at can be read below. CCSD congratulates Harvey for representing the Shiprock Chieftains in a new sport and for being a hard-working role model for younger students in the district both in the classroom and on the football field and basketball court.
Shiprock senior Kieon Harvey has always believed that hard work pays off in the end. This has been true not only for his athletic career, but his academic career as well. The lesson of hard work was something Harvey learned at a young age.
This year, Harvey’s hard work paid off, as he earned a starting position as a wide receiver and safety on the Chieftains’ football team, despite never playing the game before 2017.
“I have really enjoyed my first year playing football. Coach Stovall asked me to play and said he thought I would be good at it so I decided to try. I went through summer workouts and earned a starting spot. The coach had a lot of confidence in me to be able to help the team. I wanted to show him the same respect back and come out and give it my all for him and the team.”
He continued, “My first game was fun. It was a new experience and I really enjoyed myself out on the field, playing with my teammates. I’m glad I decided to play.”
Harvey has never been afraid to try something new and encourages anyone thinking about stepping out of their comfort zone to do so.
“My advice to anyone thinking about trying something new is to just try. Don’t be scared or timid. Try and enjoy every second of your high school career and soak in every experience you can. You only get one chance at it and you don’t want to look back with regrets later in life.”
Harvey also plays basketball for Shiprock, starting as the team’s point guard since his sophomore year. Basketball is king in the northwest part of the state and has been a family tradition for Harvey.
“My dad was a really good basketball player at Newcomb and I have been playing since I was five years old. He inspired me to play basketball and I try and honor him every time I step on the court. Basketball has been a family tradition, with my dad, older sister and younger brother playing.”
He continued by saying, “To bring back a State Basketball Championship to Shiprock would mean so much to the school and the community. The girls’ team did a great job last year and now it is our turn. We have never really made it past the first or second round but I believe this team has the ability to make a run at it, but it will take a lot of hard work and dedication.”
Harvey also agrees that Shiprock has some of the best fans in the state, saying that their support really gives the team a true home court advantage.
“Basketball is what brings this community together. We have a lot of support in the Shiprock area. Basketball is the community’s first love for sure. Our fans are some of the best in the state. Their support of our athletic teams is unbelievable. The environment our fans create when we are playing at ‘The Pit’ here in Shiprock gives us a tremendous advantage. The feeling you get when our gym is rockin’ is awesome.”
His entire life, Harvey has tried to do the right thing and set the example for other kids, including his younger brother. He says that the responsibility of being a role model in his community is an honor he takes seriously.
“Being a role model at Shiprock is a responsibility I have taken very seriously over the years. Younger kids need someone to look up to and I hope I have been able to be just one of the people they can look at as a person who has set the right example. You have to represent yourself in the right way and be well mannered, which I think I am. I credit my parents for teaching me about hard work, respect and keeping a positive attitude.”
Following graduation, Harvey plans to attend San Juan College in Farmington and then transfer to Fort Lewis in Durango, Colo., to round out his education.
“I have been an honor roll student my entire high school career. My goal is to have all ‘A’s’ this year and make the high honor roll. My parents have always stressed the importance of my education and pushed me to be better every day. I will be the second person in my family to go to college and I think it is important for my younger brother to have seen both myself and my older sister accomplish our goals of extending our education.”
Harvey then plans to come back to Shiprock and possibly open his own business as an electrician and serve his community.
“I’m thinking about being an electrician after college and owning my own business here in Shiprock to support the community that has supported me. My dad is a plumber and I have worked with him a lot over the years. The first time I went out with my dad on a call, I was nervous but he needed help lifting some heavy equipment and I really had a good time. He teaches me along the way. Ever since then, I took the opportunity anytime I could to jump in the truck with him and help out. I have learned a lot.”