Boat Race 50Their task was to apply the surface area, buoyancy, and water displacement while building a boat. The boat then would compete against other boats in order to win delicious candy.
Days before the race started, the students of Judy Nelson Elementary School got a chance to vote on their favorite design, a boat made of cardboard and tape that looked like a fast fish.
The real test came on the water of the Kirtland A.C. Warner Natatorium, in front of cheering parents and students with volunteers and lifeguards making sure that everything was safe.
Boat Race 100
Here’s what happened next. Some of the students knew how to build a boat that stayed afloat. While others’ boats sank. Either way, it did not seem to matter to the competitors, they just looked like they were having a great time.
What happened to the boats? Most of the 50 boats built for the competition were retired soon after the race, including the soggy mess named the “Titanic”.