Marilyn Watland 8CCSD: You have worked for Central Schools for 30 years, how does that feel?
Marilyn Watland-Wright: “On a good day, it feels like this is something I could do forever and I absolutely love it. On a hard day, I’m glad to have my husband and my kids, and my principal and colleagues that give me support.”
CCSD: What would you tell new teachers about teaching?
Marilyn Watland-Wright: “Even with the concerns teachers can have, you find that teachers are innovative, principals are innovative, they’ll find a way to work things out and meet the needs of the kids. The heads-up is that you are going to be a little aggravated. That goes with the territory. But it is worth it.”
Marilyn Watland-Wright has been teaching at Central Schools since she graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1,986. While at the University of North Dakota, she became interested in Indian studies and the Southwest, which made her come to New Mexico. She has taught at Naschitti Elementary School and Ojo Amarillo Elementary School. Currently, Mrs. Watland-Wright is an interventionist and teaches Kindergarten to 6th grade at Ojo Amarillo, where she has been since 2,000.