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The New Mexico School Nurses’ Association (NMSNA) announced special recognition of two CCSD nurses, Catherine Manus and Ann Marie McCarthy. Catherine Manus will receive the Community Service Award for the 2016-17 school year. Ann Marie McCarthy will receive the Recognition Award. The awards distinguish individuals that promote the health of schoolchildren in New Mexico, as well as, the communities in which they serve.
Catherine Manus (left), and Ann Marie McCarthy (right).
“This really surprised me. I’ve never received such an award. I’m very honored and humbled to receive it,” said Catherine Manus, who works as the licensed practical nurse at Newcomb High School and oversees other schools in the District. Mrs. Manus ensures students who are not close to a hospital receive quality health care.

“I didn’t expect to receive an award. Particularly, because you have other nurses with 20 years of experience or more. I have 38 years of experience as a nurse, but I’m new to school nursing. Receiving this recognition is humbling, kind of mind-blowing,” said Ann Marie McCarthy, who works as a nurse at Career Prep High School.

Cheryl George, Health & Wellness Specialist for Central Schools, said she submitted the nurses’ names for recognition to the NMSNA, because of the amount of positive feedback she receives about Manus and McCarthy.
“Cathy is really ambitious. She has done a lot of community collaboration and outreach to the whole family dynamic. Anne Marie promotes mental health and suicide prevention for the students. They both deserve to be recognized. They stand-out in the district,” said George.
Catherine Manus just finished her second year at the Central Consolidated School District. She is of the 'Áshįįhi (Salt) and Dziłtłahnii (Mountain Cove) clans. Ann Marie McCarthy has been at the Central Consolidated School District since March of 2014.
The awards will be presented at the NMSNA Conference, June 12-14, 2017, in Ruidoso.
The New Mexico School Nurses’ Association (NMSNA) promotes and advances quality school health services and health education throughout the State of New Mexico.