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Talent Show 394They put on a silent play, let a guitar hero loose, and danced to Abba. Twice. 
That was the scene at the 3rd annual Talent Show at Ojo Amarillo Elementary School this week. A greatly entertaining show.
Principal Abena McNeely walked from one end of the gymnasium to the other, waving at parents, cheering the students, and celebrating every performance by ringing a loud brass bell.
"It's all about self-expression. Being in front of an audience develops social skills, special skills, it discovers talents they didn't know they had. And it's also a lot of fun," McNeely said.
The show starts being put together at the beginning of the year, and in earnest in the last two months. Students know there will be a show for parents and staff, in front of their peers, and volunteer what they would like to perform on the show. Some want to play guitar, some want to dance, others just want to whistle a tune.
Natalia Kruse, the music teacher and event organizer, couldn't be prouder of the students.
"I want the children to feel confident about their talents and to be able to perform those talents. I encourage them to perform, to speak up for themselves, and I see how they grow from year to year, more and more confident every year," said Ms. Kruse.
Ms. Kruse, originally from Siberia, Russia, has been teaching for 40 years, 12 of those at Ojo Amarillo Elementary School.
Approximately, 300 parents, students, and staff packed the school's gymnasium for the talent show.
The students of Ms. Levaldo's class dance with umbrellas to the sound of B. J. Thomas' "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head."
Talent Show 289
2nd grader Lamar White brings the house down with some great dance moves.
Talent Show 1974th grader Tayvin Ramos and his dad perform AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock."
Talent Show 215Teacher Crystal Jackson (left) performs "Amazing Grace," while Ms. Kruse accompanies her on the piano (right).
Talent Show 261Allen Plummer (left) plays the flute. Ms. Kruse accompanies him on the piano (right).
Talent Show 4115th grader Uriah Uentillie plays the trombone.
Talent Show 3175th grader Vaun Hurtado sings Frank Sinatra's "My Way."
Talent Show 421Ms. Benny sings a beautiful rendition of "Memory," from the musical Cats.