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School Safety Tips Bus SafetyWe can all do our part to ensure that students get to and from school safely!
  • RED flashing lights and the extended ‘STOP’ arm means traffic (in both directions of a 2 lane roadway) is required to stop until the lights stop flashing and the extended ‘STOP’ arm is withdrawn;
  • YELLOW flashing lights indicate the bus is preparing to stop;
    • Use caution when coming to a bus stop;
    • Follow all school zone speed limits;
    • Look for crossing guards and students in cross walks;
    • Never pass a bus on the outside of a turn.

In celebration of Red Ribbon Week, a national anti-drug campaign in the month of October, Central Consolidated School District (CCSD) schools started a challenge among themselves to spread the message “If you want to be like me, you have to be drug free.”
The video challenge encouraged students to create a 30-60 second positive public service announcement that inspires other students to be part of the solution and remain drug-free.
For more information about our campaigns and Central Schools, please visit our Facebook page.

The Operations Department has been hard at work on removing old outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units, and replacing them at Kirtland Elementary School since May of this year. The completion date for the project is November 16, 2018, which is currently running ahead of schedule.

Guillen 7Glendora Guillen is about to spend 270 days in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, a mostly French- and Arabic-speaking country of dry shrub lands, volcanic formations and Gulf of Aden beaches.
Mrs. Guillen, a Chief Petty Officer for the U. S. Navy, said she received a phone call during Spring Break, detailing her new assignment and date of departure. She’ll go for in-processing and weapons training before departing for Africa, where she’ll live in a shipping container pre-fabricated into living quarters.
“I’m excited now. In a way, I’m ready to go,” Mrs. Guillen said.

CCSD appreciates the support and encouragement from Honorable Council Delegate Steven Begay to our staff and students on the value of Navajo Language and culture. He emulated the value of Navajo language and encouraged CCSD to increase the number of Immersion programs in the district as well as continue to focus on our Navajo children's cultural identity development. His daughter attended the Diné Dual Language Immersion program at Eva B. Stokely and although it was a distance for them from Naschitti to Shiprock, they drove her every day because he believed in the effectiveness and benefits of the Immersion program. He is best remembered in engaging anyone and everyone around him in a conversation in Navajo as he modeled and encouraged everyone to speak Navajo without embarrassment or criticism. He advocated for education, safety, and the Diné Way of Life.
GEAR UP Week 11Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) aims to increase the number of students going to post-secondary schools
On Tuesday, September 25, National GEAR UP Week launched at Shiprock High School. GEAR UP, implemented at Shiprock High School and Tsé Bit A'í Middle School, assists students in areas such as tutoring, literacy intervention, college and career readiness, college visits, ACT test preparation, and student leadership.
The 2019 graduation dates have been changed because the Sports State Play-offs are taking place from May 15 to May 18 for Baseball, Softball and Track. Since the play-offs coincide with our original graduation dates, we are changing the dates to May 22 to May 25 (see dates below), to allow for student participation.
New graduation dates:
May 22 Career Prep Graduation @ 7:00 PM
May 23 Newcomb High Graduation @ 7:00 PM
May 24 Shiprock High Graduation @ 7:00 PM
May 25 Kirtland High School Graduation @ 10:00 AM
We want to thank our parents and students for their participation in a survey regarding this change, as well as the input from our principals and staff. We asked you to give us your opinions and we heard you! Thank you.
First was the release of the school grading report cards (and really good news for Central Consolidated School District). Now the celebrations are coming.

With classes already under way at Central Consolidated School District, we asked principals from our schools to share their goals for the academic year. So, how did they respond? Below you can find their responses.

Sandy Hook PromiseParents and educators from the San Juan County community will join Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) at San Juan College for an informational meeting to learn about SHP’s Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) app. The event will take place Thursday, September 6, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., at the Henderson Fine Arts Center at San Juan College (Rooms 9006 – 9012).

YCC2018 003Cody Norberto says he had a life-changing moment this summer.
While building water drainages and clearing hiking trails in West Virginia, as part of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) summer youth employment program, he struck up a conversation with a group of firefighters. The conversation was interesting and insightful for him, so much so that Cody is now considering a career in wildland firefighting.
The YCC is a summer youth employment program that engages young people in work experiences at national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries while developing an ethic of environmental stewardship and civic responsibility.

Open HouseOur Open Houses are an engaging way for parents to meet educators and learn more about Central Consolidated School District. There will be time to visit parts of the school, meet staff and administrators, and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of what makes CCSD schools unique.
CCSD encourages all families to attend to form relationships and partnerships with staff which will promote positive learning environments at home and in the classrooms for every child. For more information, contact each school directly.
Check the schedule of upcoming events.

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) released the school grading report cards this afternoon, and Central Consolidated School District (CCSD) received encouraging news about the direction of the district. More than half of its schools improved at least one letter grade, while others continue toward significant progress not yet reflected on grade changes.

This program provides clothing for enrolled Navajo Nation students.
Follow these steps:
  1. CCSD parents/guardians, contact your CCSD school.
  2. CCSD NSCP reps will determine student eligibility at the school.
  3. If student is eligible, complete and submit clothing form (also at the school).

New Student Registration 2018Central Consolidated School District registration for NEW students will be open during two sessions this summer in three different locations. Session will be June 18 through 29 and July 16 through 27 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Bond Wilson Technical Center in Kirtland, Dine Bi Library in the Newcomb and Naschitti area and Shiprock High School in Shiprock.
CCSD staff will be available to assist parents during registration dates. Parents should bring the student’s birth certificate, social security card, proof of residency, Certificate of Indian Blood and immunization records. New student registration includes any student who did not end the 2017-2018 in a CCSD school.