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KCHS Class of 2018 06In January 2019, registered voters who reside in Central Schools District will receive a ballot in the mail.  The question on the ballot is whether to replace the capital improvements property tax that is expiring.  If approved, these funds will be used for much needed upkeep, repairs and maintenance for all seventeen schools in the district.  The funds will help the Central Schools to provide safe and highly-qualified places to educate our children.  Because this measure is a reauthorization of an existing bond, voting yes on this measure will not increase your property taxes and will continue to enrich the education of our children by maintaining schools, classrooms, and school grounds. Make your voice heard on this important issue by completing your ballot and returning it in the mail by February 5th.
How will the funds collected by the tax be used?
The funds collected support the operation and maintenance of the school facilities in the district including:
  • All activities which keep the physical buildings open, comfortable and safe
  • Celebrating school grades 01Chemicals to keep sites clean (custodial supplies and equipment)
  • Lighting (bulbs, ballast and fixtures)
  • Plumbing (water heaters, faucets and drinking fountains)
  • Functioning HVAC systems (repair and replacement)
  • Preventative Maintenance (filters, belts for HVAC units, roof repairs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire suppression systems)
  • Improvements of land (irrigation systems, pumps, reseeding fields, fencing)
  • Maintenance of landscape and athletic fields and gym courts
  • Maintaining/replacement of doors, hardware and windows
  • Maintaining/replacement of vehicles (tractors, mowers, backhoes, bobcats, trailers, grader)
  • Carpet replacement
  • Painting
  • Security (repair and replacement of cameras, contracted security staff and monitoring of security alarms and fire alarms)
  • In-service training related to safety
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